“DURAKATHANAYEN PAMANAI” programme and “DURAKATANA MITHURU HAWLA” was originated by former controller (Kothmale F.M.) Mr.Weerasinghe Karunanayake. It offers membership listeners join only through the telephone.

The first “SUHADA HAMUWA” held at Nawalapitiya Railway Institute hall on 19.10.2003.

The second “SUHADA HAMUWA” held at Kothmale F.M. studio complex on 02.01.2005.

“DURAKATHANAYEN PAMANAI” Normal Programme It keeps on every Saturday listen 08.00 am to 10.00 am Frequency band is 98.4 MHz FM.

This Programme included following Items.

  • Live broadcasting includes through the telephone chat wishes for birthday, marriage anniversary & special occasion for the membership.
  • Offer new membership for the new joiners.
  • Deliver programme with Question & get Wright answers through the telephone further present’s prizes for listeners.
  • Deliver the local news.